Well, I had 4 packs of brown gravy but used them all up. Just when I needed gravy the most, I couldn't seem to find a single vegan version anywhere. I checked Safeway (which has vegan gravy mix in some of their stores), Raley's (which is where I *thought* I had found those 4 packs -- guess not!) and Whole Foods (ya think they, of all stores, would have it). I didn't even bother with Trader Joe's because I pretty much know their entire vegan inventory by heart :p

So, I resorted to the Au Jus version, which is more watered down. In fact, it could even be used as a broth. Although very flavorful, I needed to add about 4 tablespoons of cornstarch to thicken it up some. It did make it slightly thicker, but it was still pretty watery. It did the trick!

Next time I find those packs again, I think I'll stock up with a whole caseful.

Happy late Thanksgiving!