Can TOMS make shoes that are any cuter?
Super cute. Super blue. Super fab :)

I *think* these are the slip-ons I saw a girl wearing in Frisco last weekend... could be a slightly different color... not entirely sure. But I know they were definitely TOMS. I remember thinking they were super cute, and now I found them!

More info available by clicking on the photo!
One thing I don't like is the perception that all vegans and/or vegetarian are deprived of nutrients. With the kind of lifestyle that most people lead these days and the pollutants and other toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it's important that EVERYONE - and I mean everyone! - takes a superfoods supplement to re-energize and nourish the body.

It's tough finding a vegan supplement because many manufacturers don't disclose where they obtain the minerals and nutrients they put into their vitamins and supplements. Some companies get their calcium from oyster shells while others may obtain certain nutrients from animal parts, such as liver >.<

So Vega makes it easy with their Vega Health Optimizer. Its benefits include:
* 26g of Broad Spectrum Protein
* 6g of Essential Fatty Acids
* 17g of Quality Carbohydrates
* 15g of Fabulous Fiber
* Full Serving of ChlorEssence (High CGF Chlorella)
* Full Serving of MacaSure (Organic Gelatinized Maca)
* Mixed Berry Complex (ORAC 800 blend)
* Probiotics (Dairy-free)
* Digestive Enzymes
* 100% Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamins & Minerals

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Ciao! :]

Check these out. I've always been a big fan of neutral colors, so it comes as no surprise that I'm attracted to these mono-colored shoes ^^
Introducing thheeeeeee...
Ipath Centennial!

Ipath - Centennial (Black/Grey/White (Vegan)) - Footwear

Here's some info for ya:

Celebrate with the supreme earth-tones of the Centennial!
This classic skate silhouette is now Vegan friendly!
Fabric and synthetic uppers. Perf'd toe for enhanced breathability. Textile lining for comfort. Triple stitching for long lasting wear. Rubber cupsole with a grippy herringbone outsole. IPATHMAY, 15.00 oz.

Oh, and did I mention free shipping, too??

Yummm, oatmeal. Even yummier, oatmeal color...
Saucony Originals - Jazz Lo Pro Vegan (Black/Oatmeal) - Footwear

These babies are super comfy and can be work casually or even for working out. I usually wear mine when I walk the kiddo to and from school, but I have used them for bike rides because I like the extra traction on the bottom. Whenever I ride too fast, I sometimes lose control of the pedals, so this gives me extra peace of mind.

Picked up the chocolate flavor last week at my local Whole Foods, and it was de-lish!
I've had a couple raw food bars that were lackluster, but these were pretty flavorful!

Vega Whole Food Energy Bars
Introducing the Shirting Grey Shoes by TOMS!

ShirtingGrey Stripe TOMS

You might have seen the commercials, now see what the company is all about!
Click on the photo for a detailed description and for pricing!

I just ordered a pair because they look so darn cool! :)
Lumpia and spring roll lovers rejoice!

Lumpa Spring Rolls Sheets
This is the stuff that I use to make vegan lumpia (substitute meat for any veggie "ground" -- I use Morningstar Crumbles -- and then add on veggies) or fried banana. My momma calls them "banana q's" for some reason...
Barnum & Bailey Circus at it again!
Contains violence. View at your discretion.

While this is one of the "milder" videos of elephant violence that I have seen, it's still what it is: cruel, undeserved violence.

I've never been to a circus, and I never will as long as these animals are subjected to inhumane treatment. Besides, they shouldn't be put into an unfamiliar environment and forced to do "tricks" and "feats" that they would otherwise not be doing in the wild.

And this is all for the sake of entertainment. As if humans could not find entertainment in the millions of other things that they could entertain themselves with. Pfft.

Spread the word.
Hey y'all...

A little heads up about my upcoming site launch Veganomaly.

It will feature health- and vegan-related products of all sorts.

I'll keep you posted!