Although vegans and vegetarians are viewed as very health conscious and healthy, the obvious truth is not every single one of them are. Being one, after all, does not mean you will automatically choose to stop eating greasy, fat-laden foods that are fried and not all foods that fall in the "veg" category can be considered healthy.

The same can be said about smoking cigarettes. While the majority of vegans and vegetarians probably do not smoke, the fact is there are still some who do. For those who've been feeling guilty about their smoking habit, then the solution is in this smoking alternative: the electronic cigarette. Then there is the issue of animal testing because there are very few cigarette brands that didn't require some form of testing. For those not in the know, the electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device that mimics the smoking experience to the T... minus the ashes and putrid smoke stench, the electronic cigarette has an LED that lights up when the user inhales and there is even a smoke-like vapor that emanates from the device.

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