When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, my six-year-old son initially responded with, "Optimus Prime." When asked to think very carefully if that's what he really, really wants to be (which was merely me being persuasive), he changed his mind and said, "Link." So there you have it: my son is dressing up as Link for Halloween 2010 ;)

When he was two, he dressed up as Link also. I used this [awful] green fabric I picked up from JoAnn Fabrics and started sewing away. The end result wasn't anything fancy: my stitching was starting to come loose around the armpit area, and the covers on the shoes that were to resemble boots were ... pretty bad. I had purchased the link shield from eBay. Upon receipt, I realized just how easy it was to make (and how I could have saved $35 if I had done just a wee bit of research). It was made of foamcore paper board, colored construction paper and acrylic paint.

So, this year, we're going all out and learning from the mistakes of our past. The version of Link I'm striving to make is the Twilight Princess version, meaning more details on the costume and on the accessories. I plan to omit some of the details to save time and sanity. This time, I opted for a darker suede-like fabric and this leather-like material for his boots and belt with strap. I actually looked up different sewing patterns and thus learned the backstitch. I'm pretty proud of how it's coming along. The cap looks great (-enough), and the belt is looking pretty sweet. My only concern now is making sure I cut and sew the fabric straight, but I'm confident it will come with more practice. And patience. Lots of patience.

As for the shield and sword, oh boy... that's where it gets a bit tricky. My friend and her husband are showing us how to make a shield replica out of fiberglass. It's a multi-step process that will require precision, attention to detail, paper, cardstock, 3-D software, gloves, and possibly face masks :D

Pictures of the completed costume will be posted!
I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE LUSH's King of Skin Body Butter. I, unfortunately, live in an area where the closest LUSH is about a 50-minute drive, so when I'm at Emeryville Bay Street, I make sure to stock up. It's vegan: the ingredients include bananas, fair trade (yay!) cocoa, shea butter, almond and jojoba oil, and other lush-ious items. It also contains oat milk, a good ingredient to calm frazzled and/or sensitive skin.

It comes in 3.3 ounces only, which doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it lasts a good while. If you use it sparingly (think: 2-3 x per week), then it should last you about 4-5 weeks. More LUSH goodies to come! Clickie on the pic for pricing :)

King of Skin Body Butter

Life in general has been super busy as of late: school, work, externship, family, friends, yadda yadda, blah blah blah. Haven't posted since May because of these and other time occupants.

Veganomaly.com is officially inactive. I was able to put up a few things of interest - think shoes, a couple of cosmetics, shoes, and more shoes - but didn't put anything else up. I figure I'll continue to update here on any new veg-friendly finds I come across.

Til' next time...
Take care! :)